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My name is Tiffany Lundeen. I am a certified nurse-midwife and work in a hospital-based, large group practice--but I have my own private small home birth practice as well. I only accept one home-birth client per month, to make sure I can give each family the attention they need and deserve. I have strong relationships with the staff at the University of Utah Medical Center, and this is where I will transfer if the need arises. For this reason I restrict my practice to those families who live within a five-mile radius of the University of Utah.

I graduated from Yale University's midwifery program in 2004. I believe that in order to achieve the best birth outcomes for mothers and babies, a family has three fundamental needs: 1) constancy and continuity of care with a provider they come to trust; 2) long prenatal visits during which every part of a family's health is considered; and 3) a birth environment in which the mother feels safe. When these three needs are met, mothers and babies have an optimal birth experience--and usually a quick and relatively easy one.

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